Amy Lee’s pussy exposed


Gothic chicks scare the shit outta me. They look like really sad angry people and when they look at you they seem to want to rip your hearts out. So I stay away from anything gothic. But tell me, how can I close my eyes to this smoking hot gothic nymph when she’s oozing with dirty unadulterated sex?


Seen here is Amy Lee’s naked pussy while she wears kinky black leather suit and knee-high boots? There is nothing scary about an alluring meaty chick spreading her legs to expose her pussy while she sticks a finger in it. The next time I see a gothic chick, I’m going to imagine it’s Amy Lee naked wanting some hardcore fucking. Seriously, I’m going to pound the living shit out of that goth she will fear my dick.


Vanessa Minnillo sexy bikini pics

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

I totally understand why Nick Lachey keeps coming back to this half-American, half-Filipino hottie, Vanessa Minnillo. Why, who wouldn’t get hooked with all the hotness exuding from this Hollywood celebrity? Not only does she has a sexy, natural tan all over her hot bod. She also has–wait for it–fucking big tits that Nick sure loves to bury his head in!

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

And don’t let me get started talking about how she looks in a bikini. Man, she’s hot. Those big tits just seem to have their own life, that they are popping out of her bikini top. And her ass. Man, imagining that I’m pounding her doggiestyle makes me jerk off without touching my cock. That’s how hot she is.

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

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Tila Tequila naked shower pics

Tila Tequila nudes

I have a thing for Asian women. I love them, their chinky eyes and slender hot bods, those definitely are a turn on to me. But, there’s this particular oriental celeb that I am irritated with. Well, of course, if you’re not dumb, you might have figured out who it is. Yeah, it’s Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila nudes

Tila Nguyen, or Tila Tequila, as what she prefers to be called in Hollywood is the most annoying famewhore alive in tinseltown. Come on, out of all the publicity stunts she has done, including a fake pregnancy, and eventually a fake miscarriage, not to mention a fake lesbian engagement, she has definitely went psycho. But sure, she’s getting attention and all that, but, whatever, she’s a total nuts.

Tila Tequila nudes

Well, it’s a good thing that even if she’s crazy, she has one hell of a hot body. I know her tits are fake, but, they’re big enough so what the hell. With those big, fake tits and Asian pussy, who wouldn’t hit that? Well, I sure would still fuck her anytime, given that she shut her mouth up. I don’t want any words, just moans.

Anyway, check out more Tila Tequila nudes here.

Bai Ling nip slip pics

Bai Ling nip slip

Chinese actress Bai Ling should be labeled the Asian Queen of Nip Slips. This oriental MILF just wouldn’t waste any chance of flaunting her small, Asian tits at every red carpet even she’d attend. Of course, she plays it as if her nip slip was an accident, but we’re all wise enough to know that it’s all intentional. Well, she has to get all the attention she needs to pay the bills.

Bai Ling nip slip

Not only does Bai Ling gets attention with her nipples and tits show, she also manages to get her name in the headlines by doing little mischiefs. Well, a few years ago, she was arrested for shoplifting. Of course, the media made a hype out of it. Another of her attention-seeking instance was when she pled guilty to disturbing the peace to a certain place.

Bai Ling nip slip

Well, she may be a little desperate, but she gives us damn good nip slip pics so we forgive her. Anyway, drop by here for more of this Asian MILF!

Hayley Williams topless Twitter slut


You may have heard the latest shit that this punk goddess has pulled lately. Like any other celebwhore who dreams of making history not only because of her lame-ass music, but by showing her slutty side to the world, she decided to do something erratic like say,  a leaked topless pic. Haley Williams knows how to market her shit. I’m gonna give it to this emo whore for doing whatever it takes to get publicity just to sell her album.


On the other hand, I must say the Hayley Williams topless Twitter pic is the crappiest topless pic I’ve seen in the history of celebrity scandals. So, while I appreciate the efforts in trying to make history,  I have a feeling she won’t be seeing her tits in the hall of celebrity scandal fame pretty soon.