Stacy Keibler is always a pretty sight

Stacy Keibler hot pics

Aside from Stacy Keibler’s hot toned abs, what’s even great about her is her ass. Yeah, let’s go straight to the point here. Anyway, going back to her ass, it just sorts of complete the full package of her being “The Weapon of Mass Seduction” as what she was called when she was on Dancing With The Stars, as what comes after the firm pair of ass cheeks are the perfect long legs.

Stacy Keibler hot pics

To put it simply, Stacy Keibler is the perfect woman. Well, I’m sure all of you would agree especially upon seeing Stacy in a bikini. Her long torso and perfectly chiseled body just make a vision worth seeing, that you know upon first sight that her body is indeed a product of her long years of training in dancing.

Stacy Keibler hot pics

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Charley Uchea: tit-flashing chick from Big Brother UK

Charley Uchea tit slip

Simply put, Charley Uchea from Big Brother UK Season Eight is the British counterpart of Asian famewhore Tila Tequila. I’m not sure who is worse among the two, but both have the same way of getting attention–exposing  their big tits. This former reality star is infamous for letting her tits hang out in public, anytime, anywhere. “Discreet” must be an alien word for her.

Charely Uchea topless

While inside the Big Brother house, Charley has had a bad reputation among her housemates and to the reality show’s audience. People call her the “most evil and bitchiest contestant ever.”  Maybe because she reveres herself a little too much. She said in an interview that she describes herself as “trendy, wild, argumentative – I speak so much. I’m flirtatious and I’m hot”.

Charley Uchea nip slip

Well, judging from her racks, this Brit is indeed hot. I just hope she doesn’t fake a pregnancy and a miscarriage or something, just like what Tila did. Anyway, check this out for more of Charley Uchea topless pics and nudes.

Victoria Silvestedt: from Playboy to My Perfect Life

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

With her blonde hair and perfect curves, Swedish MILF Victoria Silvestedt got her way into the limelight easily, landing various modelling job and of course, being recognized as a blonde bombshell from the 90s until today. They say no one’s perfect, but Victoria’s body is, and perhaps it was the reason why Hugh Hefner personally recruited her as a Playboy model, eventually becoming Playmate of the Year 1997. From then on, she has stapled her name into the international scene, and now, she stars in her own reality show, My Perfect Life.

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

What’s great about Victoria’s reality show is that you get to see her in bikinis most of the time. And you know what that means, nip slip, see-through nipples, cameltoes, anytime. You can never go wrong with Victoria’s silicone-filled tits! This show is indeed perfect!

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

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